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Kitchen Fun With My Roommate Turns Into A Bedroom Creampie

The more my roommate, Kat Cummings, teased me while making pie, the more I wanted to make my own pie inside her sweet hairy pussy. And lucky for me, as soon as she had the pie in the oven, we headed to the bedroom to make a pie of a different kind,

Pies For Everyone - Roommate Gets A Creampie

My roommate loves to cook and she also loves attention so she's always teasing me as she cooks. This time I took her up on her wood and as soon as she had the cream pie in the fridge, I took her to the bedroom and gave her a creampie of her own.

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Gracelynn Moans and I had been traveling all day and when we got to the cabin, we couldn't wait to get in each other's pants. But the wait was worth it. Watch as Gracelynn and I take our sexual frustration out on each other, climaxing together in this homemade creampie video.

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Gracelynn and just arrived at the cabin for the weekend and we couldn't wait to get in each other's pants. Starting in the front room, we then moved to the bedroom where I pumped my best friend and lover's pulsating climaxing pussy with my warm sticky cum.

Camping Fun And A Quick Fuck

Kat was freezing but she still had enough energy to joke around before sucking my cock and letting me fuck her. The blanket over her head was the best. :) Well, second best, blowing my load all over her perfect body topped the blanket games.

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Kat Cummings was goofing around with her blanket and before I knew it, she was sucking my cock through a home she had ripped in it. Of course I fucked her to finish the fun.

Roommate Sucks My Cock For Fixing The Fan

My roommate Kat Cummings was tired of being hot every night so when I installed the new ceiling fan, she showed her appreciation by sucking the cum from my cock. Watch this cute Cuban slut work my fat old cock with her beautiful young lips and her tiny little hands.

Cock Sucking Roommate Blows Me For Handyman Help

Kat Cummings rents a room from me and this sexy little Cuban girl likes to surprise me with little favors whenever I do something nice for her. For example, putting ceiling fans in our bedroom earned me a blowjob. Maybe it's time to paint the room! ;)