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Maxi Booty's Bio

Maxi Booty started her porn career here at GMP. This cute Colorado girl was forced to do porn by her brother but soon came to love showing off for the camera. We have the first 20 porn videos this hottie ever did on camera so if you are a Maxi Booty fan - stay here for more of this cute Colorado Springs local.
  • Videos: 12
  • Photo Shoots: 8
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 61 inches
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Real Boobs: Yes
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Sexual Preference: Bisexual
  • Tattoos: Left side, Right hip, Lower back
  • Piercings: Belly button, Ears, Nipples

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Maxi Booty is one of those girls that uses any excuse she can to sneak out of the house for a booty-call... even if it's with the old man that lives next door. In fact, this hard-bodied teenager actually prefers older men and it shows in this...
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Sex On The Road

Everybody loves booty and Maxi Booty has a perfect round ass - she gives a pretty damn good blowjob too. Maxi is another nasty Colorado girl that loves sex and we're happy to post as many videos of this hard-bodied teen on our site as she's willing...
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Busted For Being Naked In Southpark

Real Colorado girls love the outdoors and Maxi Booty is no exception. Maxi wanted a few outdoor nude pictures so we headed to the mountains with the cameras but I think she forgot how cool it can be in at 9,000 feet - I think she could have cut...
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Back Yard Sex Adventure

Maxi Booty stops by the house on a pretty regular basis - partly because she loves to borrow the hot tub but mostly because this nasty hard-bodied Colorado teenager loves a fat cock. Maxi did her first porn with us and loved it so much that she went...
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She's Not Very Bright But She Loves To Fuck

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Dirty Old Man Fucks The Neighbor's Teen Daughter In The Kitchen

Richard Nailder can spot a girl with daddy issues from a mile away and from the moment he first met his neighbor's eighteen year old daughter he knew that she was fair game. Maxi showed up looking to borrow some sugar for her mother and left with...
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