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Chastity Leigh's Bio

Chastity Leigh has wanted do do porn since she was a young teenager. Her roommate, Envy Adams, helped her live her dream when she introduced Chastity to me. Chastity and I hit it off and were in front of a camera making out within minutes, skipping the normal introductions and getting right to exploring each other sexually. Chastity and I hit it off and we've been fucking ever since.
  • Videos: 7
  • Photo Shoots: 6
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 67 inches
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Real Boobs: Yes
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Sexual Preference:
  • Tattoos: 1/2 body suit of flowers on right side, right ankle and tramp stamp.
  • Piercings:

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Who Burnt The Cookies? Sexy Friend Distracts Me With Her Acrobatics.

Chastity Leigh interrupted me making cookies and as soon as they were in the oven, I headed downstairs to watch her try out her new swing. Got so busy stuffing her muffin that I forgot all about the cookie. The cookies survived and after enjoying...
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Neighbor's Sexy Wife Likes A Brutal Ass-Fucking

Chastity stopped by for a little fun and for her, "fun" equals a few good orgasms and a brutal ass-fucking. She started by sucking my cock and I returned the favor with my tongue in her wetness. After the oral foreplay I tested the tightness of her...
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Making Love To Chastity Leah

Chastity looked so beautiful in her black dress and there was no way I was going to wait until after dinner to taste her sweetness. Pulling he on top of me, I buried my tongue in her wetness and watched as she climaxed for the first time. For the...
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Neighbor's Wife Gets Her Flat Repaired And Her Pussy Fucked Hard

My my neighbor's wife had a low pressure light come on she asked if I could pump her tire up. As she got out of her truck, she dropped her panties making sure I saw then so I knew she was either hereto grudge-fuck me or for makeup sex - either way,...
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Any Excuse To Spray Cum On The Neighbor's Wife

The neighbor's wife is always looking for a reason to stop by and I'm always more than happy to make her cum then fuck her silly before spraying my cum all over her sexy body....
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Fucking Chastity In Nature

After a naked walk through the woods, Chastity started giving me head then I propped the camera in a tree and proceeded to fuck Chastity Leigh dogie style until with a final deep thrust, I shot my load in her cunt. ...
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