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Hardcore Colorado Camping - Part 2 (In Her Ass)

This is what happens in Colorado when one takes two of his best friends camping... Or at least when I took Gracelynn and Bonnie with me at least. As you may have seen in part one of this hardcore camping adventure, these two Colorado Girls know how to have a good time - and for Gracelynn at least, that means a brutal ass-fucking that fills her tight asshole with old man cum.

Interracial Threesome - Anal Camping Adventure Part 2 (Butt-Sex)

When a scene last nearly tow hours I have to split it up or the downloads get to big but the porn remains the same awesome porn as before --- just more of it! In part two of out outdoor interracial threesome I pussy-fuck both girls and ass-fuck Gracelynn as she fingers her girlfriends tight little virgin asshole. Oh, and did I mention I DP Gracelynn with my cock in her ass and a strapon in her ass!

Hardcore Colorado Camping - Part 1 (Warming Up)

Another beautiful weekend here at Real Colorado Girls so I took two of my favorite naughty sluts camping and WOW! Nearly two hours of pussy-eating, cock-sucking, ass-fucking fun. In "Part 1" you get to watch as I warm my salt-and-pepper lovers up with plenty of kissing, fingering, oral sex, and fucking. Enjoy the warm up and I'll post part 2, including the hardcore ass-fucking and anal creampie. Stay tunes. :)

Interracial Threesome - Anal Camping Adventure Part 1 (Foreplay)

Gracelynn Moans and I have taken a number of new girls camping with us but none quite so naughty as our amazing ebony lover Ms. Bonnie Humphrey. It was a beautiful summer day and we arrived early. After a short hike, we returned to the tent for a little fun. Fun that lasted nearly two hours and included such pleasantries as kissing, caressing, cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus, anal fingering, and plenty of pussy and ass-fucking. Enjoy the pics, we sure enjoyed making them. :)