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Thena Sky was one of the very first Glass Mannequin models and the very first model added to the Glass Mannequin database. This tall brunette lets her natural beauty shine through in both her early teen videos and her later MILF videos. After finally doing her first hardcore video with me, she then tried a few of the big producers in Florida but decided it's more fun to stay in Colorado and fuck the old guy that lives up the street whenever she wants great sex with zero drama. Thena's a good friend and loved by us and her fans alike.
  • Videos: 0
  • Photo Shoots: 0
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 67 inches
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Real Boobs: Yes
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Sexual Preference: Bisexual
  • Tattoos: Right calf, upper back.
  • Piercings:

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Thena Sky's Content

Unpublished Throwback Pics - Teenage Thena Sky

I found a few previously unpublished hardcore and softcore photo sets of Then Sky when she was 18 and 19 years old that I thought I'd share with our members. In this set, Thena's boyfriend tries to strut his stuff but he has a real hard time keeping...
  • Content Type: Pictures
  • Published: 15 Dec 2015
  • Number of pictures: 129

Throwback Pics Of Teen Lovers Thena Sky And Jayda Garcia

Thena Sky and Jayda Garcia did a number of photo shoots when they were still amateur teens brand new to the business that I just found and decided to publish. Enjoy this throwback set of the two hard-bodied teenagers in a lesbian photo shoot that we...
  • Content Type: Pictures
  • Published: 08 Dec 2015
  • Number of pictures: 46

Flexible, Fuckable Thena Sky Outdoors

I like my girls to be both flexible and fuckable and, as you can see from these pictures of this sexy brunette naked in a tree, Thena Sky is both. ...
  • Content Type: Pictures
  • Published: 10 Mar 2015
  • Number of pictures: 135

Naked Road Trip

One thing I love about Thena Sky is she's not shy about pulling her pants down and peeing if the urge hits her, she's also not shy about rubbing one out in the truck as we travel down the road. ...
  • Content Type: Pictures
  • Published: 13 Jan 2015
  • Number of pictures: 75

Naughty Girls Always Have Fun

Blaze Burnz and Thena Sky are two young and sexy bisexual MILF's that enjoy eating pussy as much as then enjoy sucking cock so when there's no cock around, these natural beauties know how to make sure their sexual desires are satisfied....
  • Content Type: Pictures
  • Published: 21 Sep 2014
  • Number of pictures: 157

Two Colorado Cuties Camping With An Old Man

When you take naughty girls like Thena Sky and Acasha Binito camping, be prepared for naked dancing, girl-on-girl sex and plenty of hardcore fucking. I left a camera rolling and Thena was soon posing for pictures as I played with Acasha's pussy...
  • Content Type: Video
  • Published: 13 Jul 2014
  • Duration (H:S:M): 00:56:29